Issues with charging and parking - PLEASE HELP!

[B]Hi guys,[/B]

[I]Im new to EVForum, probably because I do not own an EV -(mainly because I cannot drive yet!) but I am involved with a project in and around London, UK, designing a new and improved system for charging EVs…

I am really looking for peoples opinions, problems, worries and issues relating to charging EVs at home, at work and generally out and about.[/I]

Are there provisions where you live for people that drive EVs?
Whats are they like? Are they signposted?
Are they secure? Do they cost? Who provides them?
Do you have offstreet parking (a problem faced by many owners in London)?

Good and bad experiences when charging your cars?[/B]:):(:mad::eek:

I would be very grateful for any time you can spare to drop some information on this thread. Hopefully it will help in my design work and ultimately have more people driving EVs,

Thanks very much,

Jason :slight_smile:

search arround the site for more detailed info, but most of us are just starting projects.

yeah, i see! everybody seems to be converting their cars! its absolutely brilliant!

I have to say, unfortunately, though that I am not doing anything remotely technical to do with the electronics side - just the use of a system that would charge a car - for example…

the company that currently make the mostpart of the chargig posts around London, Elektromotive, dont have anything integrated into street lights… they literally have a big post.

I am tyring to design something far cheaper to install as the post that they make costs around $20,000 to install (mainly connecting it to the national grid and hiring contractors to jin it up etc…

I am looking a some sort of retro-fitted product taking advantage of xisting power supplies such as street lighting, signage…

I merley would like to hear user’s experiences using current systems, as I do not own a car… any help appreciated!