Installing a charging point and Reault Zoey

Currently in the US, home charging stations cost $800 to $1000. Wiring by an electrician may cost up to $1000 depending on how difficult the job is. A level 2 charger may require a 220 volt wiring set-up.

The Mitsubishi electric we purchased came with the battery, and an 8 year, or 100K mile warranty. I wouldn’t buy an electric unless the manufacturer warranteed the battery…

Thanks. I guess I need to find some companies and get a quote, and also wait till final prices are released for the Zoey (silly name for a car).

Yeh, what is it about using stupid names for electric vehicles. Car makers know that exotic names help sell vehicles. How about a name similar to “Charger”, “Nova”, “Malibu”, etc…
Not “Leaf”, “I Miev,” or" Zoey". It’s like they are unconsciously putting the electric’s down. And this after spending millions in development costs…


You doing this work yourself?

20-30 feet?

Including or excluding usurious 20% VAT? :slight_smile:

Communal parking?

You may have issues with communal alone as you do not “own” the ground? You’ll have to get permission from landlord, council, etc.?

You didn’t state what the 30 feet of ground is? Grass, soil, concrete?

Your project is nothing like installing in the garage of a home you own.

Could be as expensive to jump through the red tape as the equipment and electrician time itself.