Bosch Introduces Sub $450 Level 2 Car Charger

This is a step in the right direction. One village near me found so much use at the first free charging station they offer that they are adding another. They actually pay for themselves as they use solar to power them and sell 10% back to the power grid. This story is about a really affordable charging station. Hopefully the lower cost will make it more cost effective to instal more of these.

Here is the story…

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has introduced a level 2 electric vehicle charging station that costs less than $450.
This is decent, compared to the prices of level 2 chargers from General Electric and Siemens. A GE Wattstation level 2 charger can cost $850, while a Siemens Versicharge can cost $995.
This Bosch Power Max charger is Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified in both the United States and Canada, and has a NEMA 3R enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. (NEMA, or the National Electric Manufacturers Association, is an electrical standards organization.)
Level 2 electric vehicle chargers are 208-240 volts, and the residential ones can deliver up to 30 amps of power, which can provide the vehicle with 10–20 miles of range for every hour spent charging. This one provides 16 to 30 amps.
This news may help increase the number of electric vehicle chargers installed worldwide, and hence increase EV adoption due to increased charger ubiquity.

source:Bosch Is Offering A Level 2 Car Charger For Below $450

That’s awesome I heard about this from my brother, and it makes a charging station in your home not look as a very expensive investment like buying a $40K+ car and then having to get a $3-4K “plug” to make it work at your house kind of deal.