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Hello all
I am currently working on a research paper for my Masters degree and need some help from the EV community. We are trying to determine the most logical and practical places to install level 2 or Rapid chargers in the San Diego area. My team has come up with the thought of Park and Ride lots along with MTS Trolley lots however, these are by no means set in stone hence your input is needed to help us help you. We have teamed with SDG&E who has been granted a large sum of money to install charging stations but their idea is for Work and residential areas . My team and I think you would be better served if the stations were in areas that YOU NEED rather than where someone else “thinks” the stations should be installed. I look forward to some of your replies.

Thank You in Advance for your support.

Residential areas don’t make sense. Home owners have their own chargers. If this is a for profit venture your park and ride would be a possibility. However to make a profit the charger would have to be utilized more than once in the 9 hour period the space would be occupied.

As I said in your other post; IMHO there is not a pressing need for public charging stations. If you cant meet your range requirements on your home charge you should be considering a HyBrid.

SDG&E might consider giving these chargers plus installation as an incentive to purchase a new EV. It would be a Win Win because it might be the item that tips a buyer to an electric that might not of considered one otherwise. Since they are selling the power they cant lose.

Public funding of convenience charging for EV’s, if it should happen, will surely happen in California.
In most other states a payback is required.

I really hope to see a lot more comment on this topic. I have to assume that you are pursuing this because you have a belief in it’s veracity and not just because it’s a requirement.

Tell us a bit about your self. Tell us about your group. What is it’s makeup, what is the background of the participants, and what is the time window to complete the study?

For participating we would expect you to post a synopsis at the completion of the study .


Thanks for trying to help Rodney,
A little back ground about our research:
San Diego Gas and Electric has been granted money to install 3500 charging stations in the San Diego area. They have come to National University with a request for a study to be done to determine where the stations would be best located to promote use and convenience to EV owners. My team consist of 3 of us of which none of us owns an EV or Hybrid. Our biggest concern collectively is range and ability to take an EV on a road trip. Las Vegas is 5 hours away appx 300 miles with the current technology available I don’t know of an EV that would be able to make the trip on a single charge. SDG&E wants to install stations in residential and work places but as “Old Houseboater” stated the residential idea is pretty much a moot point since every EV comes with a home charger. We would like to complete our study by the 15 May 2016 so any and all ideas submitted will be used.

We have gone back to SDG&E with the questions of costs to use and cost to install, we are awaiting their reply as of this posting.

I am still learning about EV’s, I personally have worked in the Hybrid bus industry as a trainer and technician so my level of hybrid systems is pretty good the all electric sector is much more new and intriguing to me. I am also a military retiree having worked on Mobile Electric Power Plants in the Navy.

If you have any specific questions or would like to communicate via private message please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your help Ron


I fail to see why the inability to to take a road trip is a concern. People purchasing a pure EV don’t consider them for that type of service. With your background I’m sure you know that. That’s why we have HyBrids. Is your directive to pursue that as a possibility?

IMHO Plug in HyBrids are the future.

What say you?


There is a huge push in California to electrify auto travel. With options for charging locations more people my be more open to an electric vehicle. As for road trips why not? I use the SD to Vegas trip since it is a heavily traveled route on weekends, most people will stop in Barstow for a bathroom break, stretch or food. The trip to Vegas is about 5 hours from SD and Barstow is about half way. I know it is outside of the SD study area but if EVS are going to be a primary vehicle for people why not make accommodations available for them?

Thank you for the explanation of where your coming from. It helps to explain your position.

My position is that practicality of mass charging of pure EV vehicles is unlikely for the following reasons.

  1. Transfer of energy time. 300 miles of energy will take 40 minutes electrical plug in time. Transfer of liquid 5 minutes or less.

2 Infrastructure of the supply grid and future availability of massive amounts of short term power bursts doesn’t exist and won’t for the for seeable future.

  1. Cost of acres of plug in energy stations would be astronomical.

How ever: Being an old Engineer hampers my imagination. Visionaries like you can make things happen that, to me, are unbelievable.

Do You see Resturants with a plug station in every parking space and a big energy bank out back?
Mr, Musk would turn handsprings:D




Just for the hell of it. Contact Mr. Musk and ask him if he has any plans for turnkey Storage and plug station installations for commercial venues such as restaurants, bars, charging stations etc.

He wants to be BIG in electrical storage.