Hi to all!

Although I’m not yet an EV owner, I have been related to EV and charging stations since the last three years.

I’m a Licensed Engineer in PR, retired several months ago from the electric power utility here. During the last three years I kept involved with other governmental officials and the private sector (all in PR) for the planning, deployment and operation of the charging stations network in PR. Currently I’m starting a business in PR toward the use of [I]zero-emissions vehicles[/I], mostly focusing vehicle fleets.

My interest in electric vehicles comes from long time ago, when got in knowledge of conversion kits from ICE to EV for some vehicles. Today, as technology keeps its developments, more options are available for users, including fleets, to opt for electric vehicles as a means to enjoy operational saving and emissions reductions. For this transition to occur, education plays a vital role as well as discussion forums.


hiiiii…Its meghlaa megha :slight_smile:

It’s also very interesting for me to have EV, could you help me which one is the best?