Hello all, I am a retired garage mechanic in South Wales and have had an interest in alternative powered vehicles for some time, so now that I have retired I am hoping to devote a fair amount of time to it! (best laid plans and all that). My aim is research into long distance travel via EV.

Hi Catmandu

Welcome to the forum - hopefully you will be able to share you adventure with us as it progresses.

Its seems as though more and more people are now looking down a similar road to you (no pun intended lol).

Greetings Catmandu from a fellow mechanic. I had also thought about a long distance E.V. voyage. Not sure when as I am not yet retired. I would be interested to hear how you plan and execute the trip.


I think we could see some very interesting conversations emerge with two mechanics getting to know each other. I also think it will be very helpful to many members of the forum to see the specific elements of an electric vehicle split into their various different components so that people understand exactly what is under the bonnet.

Just wanna say hello to everyone. I’m Diego. Thanks for having me here. I would like to learn more about electric cars. Wish you all the best! :slight_smile:

Hi Diego York

Which particular electric cars interest you and what kind of information are you looking for? Perhaps we can point you to the right section of the forum?

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