Charge your EV to 70% capacity in just 2 minutes!

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Your next smartphone or EV will recharge to 70% in just two minutes, thanks to new lithium-ion battery tech | ExtremeTech

Could this be the breakthrough we have been waiting for?



Do you really think we will get to the point where battery technology will enable it to take a charge faster than we can supply it? That would take a complete rethink of charging station ampacity as we know it today.

Just think of the infrastructure it would take. For example: If you had a home charging station you would have to have a massive breaker box and really heavy wiring to supply the charging load.

Power Companies like to supply a steady amount of current over a long period of time, not massive short term bursts of power. The infrastructure (transmission lines ,transformers etc) are sized for a given load. This load is a calculation based on anticipated peak load plus a safety cushion. If a high percentage of EV’s with “Quick Charge” were suddenly thrown into the mix we would be in a world of hurt.

As ownership of electric cars increases, problems will come up that we are only now starting to think about. These events will first occur where knots of EV ownership crop up and electrical power capacity is taxed beyond its short term capacity.

Its going to be an interesting decade.

In my home town the local power company will pay the property owners cost to replace an “instant” hot water heater with a conventional unit. New home owners are charged a higer rate if they install "instant " hot water heaters. At our “getaway” home in Florida the power company controls our water heaters and air conditioners during “peak” load hours. The FUN has just begun.

I predict that, at some point in the NEAR future the power company will control when, and how fast you can charge your EV.

What say you?

Great post!

It seems as though we are moving towards a massive change in the supply of electricity across the world. Will power supply companies use this as a means of charging more for certain services?

Yupper !!!

I think the big question will be: What comes first A. a proliferation of electrical cars B. restraint of sales due to availability of power to charge them. C. for sure a use tax to maintain infrastructure.

Wheeee, it’s gonna be a fun ride.

I think, as we have seen over the last few years, the industry and governments will encourage EV takeup and then BANG hit us with taxes which we cant avoid.

Very similar to encouraging air travel in the UK and then hitting us with added airport taxes - all very cynical in my opinion.

Awwww they wouldn;t do that. Would they?:smiley:

What? Governments encourage us to buy a new product or service and then hit us with taxes - never lol