Is the EV market following the early mobile phone market?

It strikes me that the only real thing holding back the EV market is, in some cases, the limited distances which are reachable using pure electric power.

I think there are great similarities with the early mobile phone market where the battery power seemed to be well behind the mobile phone technology. Once mobile phone battery technology caught up we saw the sector fly - will the same happen to the EV market?

Many people seem to think Electric cars will stop without warning when the battery runs flat. I have had my car for just over a week now and have been asked about 20 times “what happens if/when the battery runs out”. Most people seem to be oblivious to the fact that electric vehicles have a battery level indicator the equivalent to a fuel gauge and you will drive within the range of your battery level.

I suppose you could ask the same question about a gasoline vehicle once the gasoline runs out?

I think this is a perfect example of how misunderstandings cause rumors and counter rumors. EV manufacturers should spend more time and money educating the public as to how EVs actually work.

You solve the problem by solving an instance where you ran out of gas. You simply find a gas station. Most of the time, these stations also have charging stations for electronic vehicles. They may charge a few bucks when you are done. Just make sure that you use the standard plugs for the sockets in your country to avoid the hassle.