Is there a need to educate drivers about the benefits of electric vehicles?

If we take a look at the electric vehicle market today and compare it with that of just 10 years ago the differences are enormous. This is an industry which has come on in leaps and bounds and while great progress has been made there is still more improvement in the pipeline. We have seen […]


My biggest complaint about the OEMs has been their half-hearted promotion of their EVs. After spending so much money developing a product, promoting it to sell as many as possible is the next logical step which needs to include educating people as to the cost savings; maintenance, insurance, & fuel. A lot of people try to compare an EV to an ICE. They are two different animals. An EV does not need to get the same mileage as a tank of gas. Most people don’t realize how many charging stations there already are and more being built. On longer trips, you will want to stop periodically for food, drink, bathroom, etc. By the time you’re ready to go, your car will be charged.