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Hello to all EV owners, I live in Tn and have recently purchased a 2014 Gem e4 with a bad charger. I replaced it with a R4F Supercharger and per their instructions removed the DeltaQ. I lost power to motor and accessories. I reinstalled the DeltaQ and regained 12v system, I still have no motor power. The supercharger is charging ok. I need help to get the Gem running. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks John C


Late model GEM’s have functions integrated into the DeltaQ that may prevent you from converting to the SuperCharger. Significant among them is the integration of the DC/DC converter in the DQ. I believe this started with model year 2014 I believe Flight Systems now repairs DQ’s. You might give them a call. I like the SuperCharger as well but in all honesty in your 2014 you may have to stay with DQ.

What doesn’t the DQ do? You now know the DC/DC function is working and that is significant. If it is not charging that is a lesser problem that is repairable. I believe because of its integration into the car’s circuitry it’s going to have to stay anyway so you might as well get it corrected.

The car not functioning can have a ton of reasons too extensive to cover here.

The address below is for GE controllers. Pick out the model# of your controller, if it’s listed, and call it up. There is a comprehensive troubleshooting tree that gives you the steps to follow to help figure out your problem. I’m not sure the 2014 and 2015 utilize the same controller as earlier machines as most of my experience is for older units.

Download Technical Manuals for Electric Forklift, Golf Cart Controls

Sorry to say but you may well end up having a dealer Tech correct your problem.

Hopefully someone with late model experence will chime in with better answers.

Please keep us up to date as a lot of us are ALWAYS interested in problem solving results.


Thanks for the info Old Houseboater, the DeltaQ wouldn’t charge when I got the Gem, it ran fine when I manually charged the batteries and everything else worked as well. Now I have the Supercharger and the DeltaQ on board but ac plug only to supercharger, I can fully charge batteries and have all 12v accessories working but car isn’t running. There is a #12 green wire coming from DQ that has a tag saying to not attach to ground, it is part of lockout circuit. I am not sure which wire it plugs into It has 72v on it so I am hesitant to connect it until I am sure where it goes. I hope there is someone out there that is familiar with that wiring setup and can tell where the green lockout wire connects. Thanks again Rodney for the response

Hi John

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Thanks for the welcome, any thoughts on my Gem problem are appreciated.

Don’t connect or ground the Green wire. It will blow a fuse in the DQ.

I assume you have the Super Charger hooked to the battery pack - and + with no other connections?

1 are the batteries charged now?

2 if so disconnect the super charger.

3 make sure DQ connections are exactly origional

4 shut off main switch for 10 minutes and try the car.

5 the green wire is usually insulated so it cant contact anything unless it’s in a car that requires it. Is there any possibility i grounded out on anything?

Batteries are charged now, I’ll try that. Let you know results in a couple days, I won’t be able to work on Gem until Monday.
Thanks John