By pass interlock green wire to delta q charger on gem 2014

Trying to take out my deltaq charger and by doing that my car don’t run does any body know how to fix tjis


To fix it… You need to put it back.

Really I know that tttttt

But you did it anyway…

Gems notoriously don’t run well when you rip their dc -dc converters out…

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I need it to run with out the delta q charger contacted I wanna know if that is possible that’s it!?? Does any one know ??

The DC-DC converter on 2010 and up classic gems is part of the DeltaQ charger. That’s your 12v control circuits plus lights and such. The

You would have to install a different DC-DC converter or figure something out.


Ok thx I have one
what watt or how much power does it need ?so if I understand right the green wire is a 12 v???

Ummm… No. I suggest you check your connections again.
Why do you insist on doing all of this bypass work instead of just having your charger repaired or replaced?

How do you plan on charging your batteries once you deplete them? There is a real good change you will damage them by the time your charger comes back.

Oooo I never thought about it. Gal your Detla Q charger is called a DCI. It stands for (DC converter Internal ) Older cars had the DC converter as a separate item. Meaning you could remove the Charger and override the interlock and drive the car with out a charger.

But your Year Gem with the DC to DC converter located inside the charger means you have no way of taking the 72 volts your car has and dropping voltage down to 12v to feed your cars lights ect. As well as systems that need 12v power for your car to run.


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Nice I think I understand now

I have a other charger that I use but I wanna send the delta to repair that can take a week if so and I still wanna drive the cart for my Business…