I did it!

I actually programmed a DQ charger.:clap2::clap2::clap2: I picked Jimmy’s brain and his method works.

History - my experience with DQ’s is horribly bad. I have sent 3 units back because I couldn’t program them. I took one to Jimmy and he took it to the back room for less than 5 minutes. BINGO.

Jimmy’s method differs from published instructions and it took me 4 tries BUT IT WORKED !!!

Jimmy works on GEMs for a living and I won’t publish his method here but if you PM me and agree to keep it to your self I will tell you how to do it.

Sounds very interesting :slight_smile:

Are you talking about reading and selecting from a menu of factory settings?

No I needed to switch from Gels #14 to flooded #13. There happens to be 5 or 6 built in algorithms built in to my unit.

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You gave us all a scare! When I read your… [B]I DID IT!!![B] I thought you must have done something really spectacular. Like buying a new 2016 GEM car with LI batteries and never having to work in the hot FL sun on a old broken down GEM again.

You know… you can’t take that big lump of money that you have stuffed in your mattress with you, when you croak.

But, Then again, what would you do with your life and all your the time not working on old GEM’s? (LOL). And, most importantly, passing your knowledge along to us members. God Bless and congratulations on your new found charger knowledge.


It is spectacular, I can feel his joy. We felt the same way after trying several different ways and 2 months after pulling our hair out and yelling at each other till we were blue in the face we finally found the correct combination for ours.