Harbor Freight 10KW generator head

I have been trying to pull parts together for an ev project, have a 93 Metro , and a 84 s15 4spd that I was wondering if I could use this setup on?

Has anyone reverse engineered one of these Harbor Freight 10KW generator heads to use as a motor? It appears to be a dc motor with a small power inverter mounted on the end opposite the shaft.

It has a load of 7500 and peak of 10kw output, the owners manual states it needs 12hp @ 2000 rpm spindle speed, what would it be able to produce in hp @ what power input? How would I go about checking this?

Any help or resources you could point me to would be greatly appreciated .


it wont work the way your thinking . its a brushless motor . if it was possible you would need some type of brushless speed controller driver

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