AC motor for Gem

Investigating a more efficient motor for Gems.
This is a 10hp PMAC motor designed for a 35mph NEV.
19 spline transaxle mount.
Available at low cost on surplus market, as well as the controllers.pmac%20motor


nice are this 19 splines ?

Yes, have some samples coming.

There is a 10hp induction motor on Ebay. Transaxle mount.
Need to find a control for it.

I heard you can get regeneration from the AC motors. Is that one of your goals? At 35 mph, that is certainly an improvement. It will be interesting to compare power consumption over the DC motors.

Yes, efficiency, regen, no brushes, and light weight.
I’ve had no issues with the sepex Gem motors myself. Seems others do.
My E2 might be sold, so I’m not sure if I want to tear into a perfectly running E4.

I’ll make Grant do it. He’ll try anything. :slight_smile:

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I wish I had all the loose money you guys have. This seems like a good opportunity to make my 4wd dreams come true. :joy:

I wish I had all the money I wasted on failed projects. Then I could afford to give this stuff away. :slight_smile:

I just spent $500 on a PMAC motor that’s to big to fit. Now I’m getting 2 10hp ac induction motors that I may never figure out how to use, if they even fit.


Has anyone tried the brushless DC motors from Golden? I was browsing them thinking if it would be possible using the 3 or 5 kW motors, one per rear wheel with the regen braking system and depending how it works maybe add two up front. All with their own controllers tied to single break and accelerator.


I looked at them, but haven’t tried any.
You’re looking at hub motors?
Then I came across NOS 1/2 price.
Little support, but good quality parts.

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Yea the hub motors, price with open access controller made it sound nice, plus the idea of 2-4 motors and primarily regen braking.

I’m very intrigued by this. I was looking at AC conversion on my ClubCar but with the motor in the GEM being so flexible, I can’t justify the expense. Although it would be a very fun project to tackle. I guess I’ll have to see where this goes and what my winter looks like :slight_smile:

INTERESTING THREAD! Please keep posting as you go…for the surplus motors

If it’s up to me, may never get done. Everything about it is new to me.
I have the secon sw. $850. A cable made up. Waiting for license.
Have 1 piece Pmac motor and one Sevcon 500 amp controller.
Soon should have a few more controllers and 2 ac induction motors.

Talked to Grant today. He believes that the Pmac will fit on 2013 model. Older models like mine have the ram horn frame wrapping the motor. 10" D motor will not fit. I don’t know about 2002.
Some pictures will be helpful.

The ac motor should fit on any model. I may concentrate on that one first.
If anyone has a contact for Sevcon programming and motor tuning, I can get a sample at low cost for testing.


Have you received your AC induction motors yet?

No, delayed for the 4rth.
I do have controller and sw. If you want to jump in. Find someone who can work with Sevcon.
I have the file for the Ebay motor, but not the knowledge or the time.

Here is what the front of my 2013 looks like it has NO RAM horns ( the square tube the wraps around the motor) the motor has lots of room

Take a picture from the side showing what replaces them.

I think that would be a very interesting setup. Bypassing the gearbox, better efficiency and quieter.