Alltrax controller 2005 Gem

Well she’s finally up and running! with many thanks to Ronn @ Alltrax.

My controller was making a bit a noise a while back. Kinda like a static sound and It was bugging the crap out of me. I did my usual and looked into buying a T4 or T5 but in the back of my mind I wanted to trying something different. Just so you know the dash readout is gone, for the most part and I don’t even care. This Alltrax is very easy to just plug in with a usb and change settings. I also like the fan on the controller. I don’t know much about these Gem Cars as many of you do, but I love trying new things.

nice info,is this a special controller ? can not find it on their website

I wouldn’t say special but the first. Spoke with them months ago and told them I’m sure they would have more people interested in one if they make one that can work in the gym. I lost my speedometer on my 2005. But I really wanted something more updated. And I love the usb plug in. I’m going to make USB port on my dash so I can plug in anytime I like and adjust the settings.

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I’m going to reach out and see if this is something they’d like to start carrying.

what are the benefits of going alltrax? did you get more speed/power?

I think they are more universal. So they’re not locked into speed limits and such.
Loss of dash displays is a big one for me.
Might be less money if replacement is needed.
However, if I was to upgrade controller, ac or bldc motor is the way to go.
Loss of dash display was holding me back.
Posted something about it previous.

As far as USB programming, the GE controllers also support usb programming and monitoring on the fly.

Well the Power Ian there if needed this is a 500amp controller. My GE had me worried and I’m sure these are cheaper than a used GE controller. From what I know I think anyone in a earlier year without the dash display really wouldn’t mind the swap if they need one. Feel free to contact Ron from Alltrax.

Feel free to contact Ron.

You know way more than I do about you these carts. I just like playing around with the ideas and learning. I love my cart. It’s on my hit list to install a AC motor. I Just like having a fast golf cart. LoL

Here’s the thread.

I haven’t looked at it lately. Let me see if the links still work.
Seemed a good idea at the time.

How about all wheel drive? :slight_smile:

December 8

Here’s the thread.

Thanks I’ll have to take a look. I’d love to see the difference. Brushless
conversion bldc motor GEM

Does this look like it would fit on gem transaxle?

I haven’t looked at it lately. Let me see if the links still work.
Seemed a good idea at the time.

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Here’s a small one. What does it take to swap motors?

That seeems cool. I wish I knew someone with a tricked out ac motor so I could see the difference in person.

I,saw electric motor sport some time ago. Just wasn’t sure at the time but after changing to a alltrax I feel like why not.

It’s almost been a year fellas. Never really became a pro with this Cart like Dave and Grant, but I still kept moving forward. Just wanted to say I did get my Alltrax up and running just fine. Had to lose the dash MPH but I really didn’t care, I was just focused on doing something different just because. I do like the ability to plug into the controller and make adjustments via usb, and you can also monitor while you drive using your laptop as well. Alltrax will have a Bluetooth add on in the next few months so that’s cool. Anyway love my cart but the next adventure will be AC motor and controller. THANKS GRANT AND DAVE, best cart I’ve ever had.

Looks slick.

THe $600+ price tag keeps me firmly at bay however.

Being able to REALLY hotrod my GEM is tempting though and not having that annoying code 41 due to me using 96v might be nice to not have to worry about.

LoL it’s all pros and cons and price.

He’s back.
Troy is going to lead us into the world of Pmac powered gems.
His super power is people skills. With my parts and his contacts, we may get a super efficient 35hp gem car on the road.
Give him some encouragement, as it’s a huge job doing the legwork.

Dave you think the altrax controller would work with the brushless motor?