AC Motor recommendation

I have decided to go ALL OUT on a 2009 e4 . Im looking for a bad ass AC motor, I was considering an HPEVS AC-9 OR AC-12, looks like it might be a tight fit. Are there other AC options out there?

Thank you

I’m in the middle of trying to do the same things. Hasn’t been an easy road. But if you would like to get in on the work let us know. At the moment it’s gonna cost us a little cash to see if we can get the Pmac programmed right. INWO is been my main help so far, but it’s not a working perfect YET!

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But the parts are cheap.
10kw cont. 13kw with a fan.

30kw peak, from memory.

So if you were to plop down the $2800 Electric Motor Sports is asking for that 48volt system. Would it be plug and play or would you have to go threw all the hard work Troy has been putting in?

Troy: what do you think the HP your motor is?
And do you think the Transmission will be able to take all that your new motor can dish out. Just wondering what the next week link is gonna be?

Not much information, but it’s designed to run 100a, 130a continuous with a fan.
That’s ~15hp
60hp peak should be no problem.
The controller can tame it to whatever you want.
Troy motor’s little brother from ems should be plenty strong. But ~3 times the money.
I don’t know how much money Troy invested, but if it’s under $3k he’s fine.
And the rest of us can copy it for <$1k.
I’m sure he would like some investors. He may burn out if not fixed soon.

Troy: How much more work or $ are you going to have to invest

To be honest it’s hard to say until we get further with the controller. I’m not joking when I say it’s impressive. When I had it charged to 98v I could still make the wheels peel after I was already moving. I think it will be really nice, the problem is just getting the power smoothed out, so you can Control how much torque and how fast you accelerate. I know you have hills Grant I did 40 like it’s was nothing. Also they can program Regen into the controller cause I spoke with AGC in chino and they use Sevcon gen 4. I thought I was going to be able to pay for a profile, but so far I’m not getting anywhere, but I plan to go by in person next. As for Raul’s system from electric motor sports I’m confused a bit, from what I see and know the motor we are play with is like it’s big cousin, but just more power in simple words. So in my mind, I would think the profile from the ready to go system would work with this larger motor, after a few simple adjustments. My opinion only. As for the system, if you look at the set up, it would be close to what we’ve done in mine, BYPASS everything! till you trace it all back. That’s if you would like to use some of the stock set up, throttle, fwd rev switch ect.

Lets see motor controller $800 great price If i get It working smooth. Wire harness build your own I guess, cost me $325ish, contactor $110. A arm has to be modified to allow the motor to fit. Time$$ but fun playing around. Trying the easy route first and let Travis work on the profile for the motor. That’s a cost that only time will predict, but on a good note, if we get a profile that works after a few $$hundred then it’s done and can be loaded into anyone’s controller. I think if the cost is shared it will be all worth it. But either way too late for me now, I’m all aboard. :pleading_face::man_shrugging:t5:

I would be extremely careful buying the kit. If they can’t get a similar set-up working for Troy, and everything they do is $$$.
The harness is trivial. I have the parts to convert 23p plug to the 35p Sevcon.
The contactor is not needed IMO. No way the Sevcon isn’t “smart” enough to drive the stock 72v coil.
The frame mod is a HUGE deal, but not a deal killer to save $2k.
Also, there is an AC motor kit available for about the same price that’s heavier but bolts up.
Actually, if someone thinks they can get it running with an obsolete Kinetek controller, samples are <$500.
motor%20pmac induction%20motor pmac%20motor MVC-006F

Free samples for help researching or hacking…
Help me keep these new controllers out of the landfill.

I’ll ask around. What does it take to talk to the controller Dave?

The seller once said that he had a comms cable, but no sw. It may not be needed. This is a matched set
ac motor/controller.

The one I have uses 16p, 10p, 8p, and 16p connectors.

Im hoping that a HPEVS AC-9 or AC-12 motor and Curtis Controller will do the trick and that the vendor i choose can help me get the programming right, i am aware i will need to fork out $400 for the Curtis programming software. Im not sure if the AC-12 is overkill or not. I guess i can tone it down in the controller if it is a little wild. I Would like to get 50 MPH with low profile tires.
Any thoughts?

Thank you

Do you have a link to the curtis sw? Is it oem version that adjusts the speed?
I’m not up on curtis but have a programmer ordered for Miles truck.
the 1238 is the matching controller the the AC-12

Ok, that one doesn’t do it all. I need to change my voltage, which it will do, but also speed etc.

> "This Dealer Level Curtis Model 1314 PC Programming Station provides a Windows interface for troubleshooting Curtis products with a serial or CAN bus interface. Model 1314 works with all microprocessor-based Curtis controllers and chargers. Dealer level does not allow configuring of parameters other than battery voltage, only monitoring i/os. "

I think that needs the OEM level. Have one on order from China that is supposedly OEM level.
By the time you need it, it may be here.

how bout this

I wonder is this would give you the OEM level

50mph is fun I had s Taste in the high 40s with my battery at 93v pretty sure that @98v once I get the charger profile changed that will be easy to achieve.