Brushless conversion bldc motor

Does this look like it would fit on gem transaxle?

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Their spec sheet indicates it will.

Thanks. Just a thought…

Would you be able to use this with a factory Gem controller t-1 t-2 t-3 or t-4?

What’s the HP on that motor. And how much more efficient would you guess the brushless would be over the current offerings of motors

So you would be into the Motor for close to the same amount of $ as a Ride for Fun/ D&D motor.

The added cost would be the controller. That would set you back a additional $700.

I’m wondering what the performance numbers would be with a Brushless Vs a Brushed motor. In the RC airplane world it’s a Night and Day difference. Most will say a Brushless motor is 30 to 40% more efficient then a Brushed motor.

That’s as far as I got. Thinking more efficiency than performance. Maybe find 1/2 size and 1/2 cost ac or bldc.

Hi guys, why not one of the AC motors for golf carts. Several of them even mention high speeds of the motor are ok and they can be run at 72volts.
I’m driving my f350 till I find a very good replacement… Been thinking about getting one of those 9.5hp Earthquake motors… rather have AC but I do have a budget.

I think I should mention i’m burning up my 7.5hp motor, bearings are going first…