AC motor for Gem

That’s a good idea. If I find anyone or anywhere local with a newer one I’ll have to take a look. That makes the ac swap way easier.

That would be nice setup. You gonna give it a go?

@grantwest keep an eye on forum. Troy is getting close.
I have 1 more motor here if someone wants to jump in.
Or electricmotorsports has a complete pmac kit.

Im sorry I have been some what tuned out. Whats the latest with this Project

Should be updates soon.
Troy needs to modify ramhorn to mount the motor and wire the gem wires and encoder to the new controller
Should then be ready to run.

By the way thanks for the new charger Dave. Now I need to pop that thing back in. I might wait to see how long it takes to get this harness from Motor sports and just pull everything off and work on getting the Pmac in and add the last 4 Nissan modules I have. On a side note I was thinking about getting with my neighbor he has a E4 too. Looking at changing the rear hubs to disc brake. Why NOT? :man_shrugging:t5:

Why stop there? Put a couple hub motors on with disk brakes. :slight_smile:

One goal at a time. I love the hub motors but the guy I bought my Pmac from told me it would be amazing. :grinning:

You know that if you can get this working, everyone will want one.

Check out these Bolt On ring drive electric motors.

Check it out. They use Sevcon gen4 controllers. :thinking:

Man that’s amazing. Love to have one, I know it must cost some coin.

Ok it’s $10k without any battery pack. Nice set up though.

Progress on harness to convert Gem/Ge to Sevcon.
Buying the parts is the easy part. :slight_smile:

Looks good let’s see if I can figure out once I get a harness.

Looks like a tight fit. Appears to be easier in a later car without the rams horn front frame. I’m amazed at the amount of room up front in my 14 compared to my 02!

Would like to hear updates, pictures if you are still moving on this project. I daily drive my EL with lithium cells. More range and possibly holding 35mph on hills would really make my little truck much more road friendly.
Hope it’s going well!!:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Matt I never really give up on my projects just had to focus on home needs a little. I’m planning on taking a drive up north to electric motor sports with the Gem so they can help finish up the controller. Wasn’t such a simple plug and play, but that Raul’s goal to help me finish up and be able to help others with a conversion. If I make it this month I’ll share what we do for sure.