Available gem motors

(1) ADVANCE STOCK 5HP MOTOR $200 plus shipping
(3) ADVAMCE 7.5 HP FAN MOTOR $425 each plus shipping
History: These are the most powerful motors installed in
GEM cars. They got a bad reputation for stuck brush failure. The reason was AMD manufacturing clearances were too tight. This batch of motors was given my brush clearance procedure and all have had the commutators machined. They will now live 5 years with out further service requirements. If you are in commercial or livery service or live in the hills this is the motor for you.


Hi Rodney,
I just picked up a 2000 E2 with 200 miles on it. The cart is like brand new. My only complaint is a lack of power going up some of the hilly streets in North Georgia,
My question is… will the T1 controller handle the AMD motor?

amd motor wont fir in pre 2005 without suspension mods. R4F would be better than the stock one and lithium would be best of all.

Thanks for the reply - Do you think that the RFF motor would show a increased hill climb ability as compared to the stock motor? and would the T1 controller handle the current ? I an really interested in a lithium conversion as well.

Early Gems are not my specialty but I would be pretty confident that the T1 would be fine. the controller controls the current output. Do you know what motor you have in it? post a picture. It could be a 3.5hp motor instead of a 5hp.

It is a 3.5 HP motor

The T1 will work with the AMD however the AMD wont fit . Suggest The RFF Blue motor.

Is there room for a new Gem motor? 10" long. About 25 peak hp.

25Hp vs 3.5 Hp ??? How is this possible?

Diameter - (RPM -Torque Curve) - weight - DC or AC - voltage???

In all fairness, it’s peak HP. Actual ~10hp cont.

Where would I find one of these?

I was just wondering if it would fit. I have a couple of them, but They come as a kit with a new controller. I believe that a member bought one. Let me see if he installed it yet.
@MikeKC would remember.

Peak HP is usually measured with the rotor locked. It is a measure of the maximum electrical current drawn by the device being measured. It’s a term used by advertisers to create a false impression of capability of whatever they are trying to sell.

Usable continuous HP is achieved at much less current consumption. The true HP capability rating is the continuously available, average, with out causing damage. The word average allows for acceleration, bursts of speed for short duration’s, etc.

The electric motor is a marvelous device, it can be overloaded to many times its running rating for short periods of time. The limiting factor is heat. The harder you run the faster heat builds up until failure occurs. A 10 HP capable motor can put out 25 HP for short amounts of time. But not long.


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@Inwo Are you looking to reboot the PMac project?

Yes, I am.
This post was about a small induction motor. The Pmac is capable of over 50hp peaks.

Great! I would be interested.

Looking to buy a gem motor for a 6 seater HMU

Have you checked with Ride 4 Fun?

Ride 4 fun motors are not to be used in 6 seaters. I would recommend an Advance motor that has been/ serviced/updated by @Old_Houseboater . He has done 10+ motors for me.

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