New PMAC thread

We’re moving now.
Installed pmac motor in my test hotrod.
Troy’s file first to get the wheels turning. Then I configured a S6 that came with a good pmac DLD.
Ran away on jackstands so I tested wheels down. Smooth as can be spins the tires.
The only issue is a 10 mph creep. Heck it might go 20 at zero throttle if I wasn’t riding the brake.
Hoping that it’s a simple throttle issue. Or for all I know I might have set a creep function.
Thought I better post my progress in the case things go south and I end up in the hospital. :slight_smile:


@grantwest better hang on to the Pmac a little longer. :slight_smile:


Fixed the regen.
Seems to run fine to 7000rpm.
Now I need to know what this motor will fit.
Short and fat.
Would someone post a picture of a pre-ramhorn Gem?
Will an inch larger diameter fit?
@grantwest This motor should take care of loaded hill starts by spinning the tires. :wink:

You might have to cut away the battery support tray angle bracket from the frame on the passenger side.