PMAC or Induction AC Motor

I have a been told by a local Golf car/ Gem Car modification company they prefer PMAC (permanent magnets AC) motors over Induction AC motor. They say the power to weight ratio is almost half the weight and length. I see the RPMs are lower than Induction. Ok if your gearbox is 12 to 1 or lower. What are you thoughts?
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The PMAC Motor Troy tried out would only spin 4700 RPM. And with his tire size and 12:44 transmission. The motor didn’t spin up high enough. I think a PMAC and a 9:8 Transmission and some tall wheels would be awesome. The E6 Mike just did worked out great. He used a AC motor in that car.

You need a 6/1 gearbox to get a 4500rpm to produce any speed. @Inwo (and all of us) would love for u to try that setup out and provide feedback.

@grantwest I have a 8.9 gearbox in the 2014 front end I put on my car this winter. If the gen4 s6 controller will work on this motor, @MikeKC will do the programming (I think Troy has some programs for it) and you will let me use your pmac for testing I will try it out and give feedback. Can @Old_Houseboater build a 6/1 gearbox for testing?

The PMAC belongs to Dave, I’m Sure he wouldn’t mind you using it for testing/development. Let’s see what Dave has to say

6:1 With the PMAC Wow that would be fast

The PMAC is 10kw. The 6:1 gears are almost impossible to find I think. I’m on the list for @MikeKC and @Inwo ac conversion but maybe use one of my E2s for this setup and let all know when complete at a later date.

Great timing.
My morning job:


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6 TO 1 gears are a study in paper work theory. Potential speed can be phenomenal.

In the real world you would need massive amounts of torque to accelerate acceptably. Certainly way beyond the gearbox rating.

A 2 seat, minimum weight hot rod is possible but not practical in any sense of the word.

More torque than the gear box can take.
What’s not to love! :heart_eyes:

I here you brother :crazy_face:

I believe that we all here have transcended into Darwinism! I personally will be taking my wife to Laughlin with our 1.8L Supercharged Waverunners soon. Going 70mph on the water has been thrilling me since my first Magnum Tunnel Hull at 17 years old. I’m 66 and still doing some stupid things. How much fun can we have before ffaring dust?

If the torque from the pmac will twist the gears in half I guess that is the end of that question. Was on a go fast boat and we twisted the short upper shaft in half on a Bravo One out drive. Ended up laying on the dash. Not Fun. @Monkeyron I love to go fast on the water also. There is nothing like sitting in a planed cat with the hammers down doing 80+. 70 in Magnum Missile can get pretty scary. Those things can get away from you quick if your not on glass.

I used a Bravo One X Dive to solve that shaft problem.

Wait until we see if @MikeKC is up for it. @bundcur won’t be able to test without Mike.

My Tunnel did porpoise on glass yet fly over 12" chop. They were not good on a high windward as they could blow over.

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My motor guru claims 50hp from these. Richard
Factory claims 10kw continuous.
Special design for on road vehicle.

They have a bigger motor now but they were a special order job and have just 2 left that I may order in the morning. Here’s what they sent me.
"We have the 30-31001. Designed for 3000 rpm and 48 VDC, 4500 rpm with 72 VDC. Good for 100 amps continuous, 450 amps for 2 minutes.
Now the special
" Our special ordered motor, good for 120 amps continuous, 2800 rpm on a 72 VDC battery pack, and can be field weakened to 6000 rpm. This motor should have plenty of Torque/Amp.

What controller do you plan to use? Are the files to run them included?