6 to 1 Gearsets

I now can supply 6 to 1 gear sets.

Email me Direct rodneyadiehl@aol.com


Classic to Modern gearbox mount?

Modern gearbox? (17:1) to (6:1)?

:slight_smile: - Time for more fun!!! Ready to test some PMAC’s



I can put a set of 6 to 1s in your Schafer/Rodney Box.


ooooohhhhh, that is an interesting idea. Let me touch base with @Inwo and see what our testing plans are.
I might need a 12.1 modern as well - I will send you an email.

I ran the same dcf in both model pmacs.
Good enough for testing.

Rodney, can you source 6:1 gear set for new Gem?

No 9.3 and 12.3 only. What is progress on you and Gabrial 6to1 project?

Side tracked on an electronic 35mph “fix” for the new stock gems.
We may try replacing the whole transmission. The 6:1 needs testing first, but then we need to find a reasonably priced 6:1.
The motor we have in mind to replace the sold out 8kw ac, is limited to 4500rpm.
We are spoiled now and used to 9000rpm.