A very special Schafer/Rodney transmission

A 6 TO 1 SCHAFER / RODNEY transmission built for Dave Bissen and @djgabriel2004 for a special project. Lets ask Gabriel to give us the history and pictures of the build.



Nice - 6:1 setup for modern GEM!!


This is going to be installed in my 2016 Gem.
It will be running at 100v with a Tesla 3 battery, a sevcon S6 and a PMAC Motor.

@Inwo, @MikeKC, @Old_Houseboater and me are involved in this Project/experiment.


Whats the status of 6/1? How is Schafer/Rodney holding up. How fast is it?

So far NADA on adapter. Netherlands source can make but would be special. $$$$$$$ .

Hey Rodney, happy holidays

The 6:1 is waiting for me to complete another Tests we are doing with the 10.35 and the 8kW. (By the way this 10.35 is being solid since I installed it)

Im planing to install the 6:1 with the pmac as soon as I finish the Fine tuning we are doing with @Inwo

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FWIW: I’ve been running a 6:1 transmission in my otherwise bone-stock 7hp 2009 eS for five or six years. It will still spin the 205/40R16’s on takeoff and cruise at 40 mph. it’s an ideal ratio for me.

Wow- Are you sure it is a 6:1?
You must be on flat terrain or it is downhill wherever you go.

Not possible to spin 22.5 diameter tires with only 7 hp and 6/1 gearbox.

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Yes Assy, I am certain it is a 6:1. I installed the gears myself and I can count.
Yes it’s relatively flat terrain here.
No, I cannot hit 40 mph going uphill.
Remember, it’s an eS, I’m not hauling four to six passengers.

It most certainly is possible. Why in the world would I lie about it?
As I said, it’s an ideal ratio for me - adequate acceleration and a nice cruising speed. Yes, cruising at 35-40mph reduces range. Most of my driving is on city streets where the speed limit is 25mph, but it’s nice to have the higher speed on the busier streets. I generally drive in turf mode which limits my top speed to around 25mph.
I generally respect your opinion and you’ve personally helped me in the past. But I am offended by your assertion that I am dishonest.

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FWIW - I didn’t read it as a personal attack, more that it’s an unusual configuration. Not often to see lower than 8:1 ratios. Glad to hear it works well for you. I’m in a hilly area, my range would be terrible with that gear config. I pulled the 8:1 and put in a 12:1 in my old 2000.

I read @Old_Houseboater’s post as an opinion, and an opening for further discussion.
I share his opinion but have no firsthand knowledge. My first thought was that Rodney was most likely correct but I won’t argue with facts. :slight_smile:


Isn’t it being mated to PMAC motor?

Not sure which ones are the popular ones here, some of them the torque curves are nuts. They look like they almost pull off a legit burnout on donk rims and tires.

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OK, where would one source a 6:1 transmission? I WANT!

What year? Give Details of application.

I can build one for classic. $1200


6:1 gearsets still available here: EZGO Mid-1998-Up High Speed Gear Sets 4 Cycle Gas with Smaller Output Gear Bearing | GolfCarCatalog.com

R4F has a set they ordered for me.

Yes a PMAC, as soon as I finish with other project I will start fine tuning the PMAC

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R4F also now offers “quite” gears for 16, 17 and 18 year model GEMS?? State that Polaris fixed the loud gears in 19.

@Old_Houseboater - got any idea what they are talking about?

In 2016, 2017, and most 2018 models, GEMs had a drive train change that would result in excessive gear noise when increasing speed over 25 MPH. To maintain stock sound levels and ensure a quiet/comfortable ride at all speeds (even 40+ MPH), Ride-4-Fun has an easily installed Quiet Gear Kit.

I believe RFF sources gears the same place I do. The 16 /17 gear boxes were not quiet. I have not heard of any conversion installations, where ratios were changed, that reported less noise.