Gem car parts available

Going to be dismantling around 30 2006 to 2008 retired rental fleet gem cars over the next couple of weeks. I am in far south florida, but if small parts are needed I can ship.

Where in S Florida are you? I will be in Port Charlotte in December and I’m looking for some 2 door windows and a back window if those are available.

Saw plenty of back windows, no side doors/windows, only saw one two seat car, but about half of the cars are out of view at the moment

I am in marathon Florida (Florida keys)

are the rear windows canvas/plastic clip-on or hard/acrylic? When I purchased my 2002 e825 a few years ago it came with the clip-in doors but months later when I went to put them on they were not for a 4 seater and none of the metal clip holes lined up with the twist clips mounted on the GEM.

I tihnk a 2006 has the same body design as a 2002.

Rear windows are hard acrylic. Not much use for doors/enclosures down here, but, oddly enough I saw the heater option in the one I was taking apart this morning. I do have a full set of the e4 doors at my shop though

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I need the lower screw for the left side mirror. TIA!



Ok seriously, how much for a pair of side view mirrors (r&l) that aren’t de-laminating and hold in position and don’t fall when you hit a bump? Shipping to NorCal.

Note, I need to check part numbers, see if the ones you have will fit on a '10

Do functional mirrors for these things actually exist? I thought that was urban legend! I will look at the ones on my doors, since they have been in storage, there is a slim possibility they are good

Thanks. Btw looked more closely yesterday only need a driver’s side mirror. Thanks

If willing to ship a rear spat in good shape would love to take it off your hands.

Though I realize it’s not a “small” part, I would be interested in a rear spat as well.

It does look like there a few good rear fender assemblies, some even have the center cover plate still. And any color you might want (as long as it is a shade of bright yellow)

Would like a rear fender assembly with rear cover intact. I’m assuming the only color available is yellow haha? Let me know cost and a way to pay!

Going to take me a few days to get back to the cars that are not already picked over. I can see them, but about two rows back. Just two of us working through the fleet.

So far a lot of controllers (I have to figure out how to test them) also a lot of delta q’s (two of the three I tested powered up with profile 14). More front upper and lower control arms that I have any need for. Trying to save the good windshields. Cv axles galore (fleet was actually fairly well maintained) front and rear shocks etc

I’m looking for one of the center covers for the rear fender in yellow?

I have a Brand New Trunk Back for a 2016+. In Central Florida but willing to ship via UPS Freight for cost. $600.

What color is it?
Is LTL freight an option? I have a forklift.

It is white, all factory Trunkbacks are white. It is not heavy, just too large to ship via ups or Usps. I am new to this area and only know about UPS freight.

Aslo check Greyhound Shipping. Depending on size it works pretty well and is pretty cheap. You have to drop it off and pick it up at a Greyhound station but that is no big deal.