Last of the mods

I’ve run out of GEM stuff… I think my car is complete… the addition of the cargo box and large mirrors (which are no longer an inventory item with Polaris)… meet the NEW Sparky

Very nice! :nod:
Since you ran out of things to do to it I will suggest another…
Consider adding a splash of color to it. Even consider a vinyl wrap on the box.
The colors & ideas are limitless!

I’ve seen the wraps but haven’t found the person who does them… think the GEM would be a great eye catcher… maybe the driving area doesn’t lend itself to that… like the working truck idea…but to me WORK is a four letter word… we will see… haven’t taken it to the dealer as yet… he might want some action… as for the paint idea… I drool over paint that comes from my friends in AZ at and the Cart Guy at the Villages in FL… would be cool to have a painter in my pocket… my car pink for Vallentines… Flagged for the 4th of July… earthy for Earth Day and so on…


GEMs with paint

Many sign places do the vehicle wrapping. If you have seen busses or business vehicles with wrap, you can bet there is a local person doing it. It is good in all climates so that shouldn’t be a limiting factor. I know a guy local to me that does it. I may have to approach him and see what it would cost to wrap my GEM.

Is that pink one a Barbie GEM? LOL!
Mine looks like the red/white one sans the wheels and stake bed. I have the storage box on mine.

that pink GEM was on eBay as a ‘toy car’ … I think it was listed by a pawn shop… it looked like it might have been a Trans2 or an early GEM car… don’t think the seller knew what he had and it went real cheap… thought it might have been a car for my wife… but that probably would have pushed her to the ex status… as she puts up with the GEM I have but there never better be another… an e4 poped up on Craigslist and as I thought it was a scam… I contacted the seller and went to see it… as I walked out the door… she said you bring that back it better have a sleeping area… yep I saw the e4 and will tell people about it but it isn’t mine… although it would be a kick to have two cars


That is not a Trans2, nor is it an early GEM. Judging by the characteristics of the body/dash I would say it is a 2000 - 2005. It must of been a New York car as it has the tell-tale signs.
What did it sell for?

I remember the listing being vague about the car… as though the seller really didn’t know what he had… he even called it a [I]toy car[/I] in the listing… it sold for what I would call cheap… it’s been a long time but as I recall it was under $2500


That’s my GEM. I bought it from Innovation Motor Sports in AZ.


CONGRATS ARandall… know that the guys at Innovation MotorSports did a SOUPER job on your car and that you will love driving it as well as showing off a pretty car…


I found a small parachute on eBay that I thought would look good in the trailer hitch receiver… and it does… I also have removed the cargo box for a couple of reasons… I bought a 3 wheel bike that fits in the back of the truck but not in the box and I’m going to need batteries before the summer car show season…



How come when we’re doing these things there’s always just “one more mod”? :slight_smile:

Looks good!

thank you

but come on…

A) because we can
B) there are so many toys… so little time

I’m trying to convince my wife that I need a 4 seat GEM car… she says we then need a bigger garage… I see no problem with this


Just curious about your trailer hitch. Do you find it useful? I’m trying to imagine what you could tow behind your GEM.

I had a friend with a little trailer who went around picking up shopping carts… I told him we should go into business doing that… we’d get a bigger trailer and I’d get his… it never happened as he suddenly passed away… I bought a fold up trike (adult) and would like to trailer it to a bike trail… or maybe get a GEM bed and make it into a matching trailer… for now I just have it… holds the chute…


Well… here’s one example. :smiley:

That’s good… ride 4 fun has an e2 with an e4 on a trailer in their logo…

Now that is funny! :smiley:

meet R-4-F’s Lil Tugger

Thanks Bob,
That really is a strange sight! :eek: