GEM 825 e4 2002


I’m new to this forum as I’ve only just bought a non runner. The guy who sold it to me tells me that an American company brought it over to the UK for an electric car show and left it over here.
It’s not in bad condition, two batteries are shot so need to find some cheap alternatives here in the UK. I’ve been reading a few links and I know you can’t really skimp on the price of batteries but getting the proper gel batteries from the US is far too expensive.
Is there anyone out there that’s in the UK and deals in spares for these buggies?

Thanks in advance


Buy a set of flooded golf cart batteries and reset your charger to the flooded setting. A less expensive alternative is a set of size 31 Deep cycle Marine batteries (my choice) that will give 3 + years of service. $624 in the US.