Ford Think Neighbor 2002 (1FABP) - Wiring Diagram

Hey david, i see tou send everyone the manual can i please get a copy?

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hey thank you so much. I got it.
Quick question do you happen to have a live picture of how the batteries are wired up?

I found this in an obscure document. Not quite as pretty as David’s.

Hey David, :wave: can I ask you a question my ford think ran when I put new batteries. They my brother came and see the the orange wire and the white wire where both on negative on battery 1 and he put the orange wire on the positive on battery 6 and now won’t run.

He probably fried the instrument cluster.

The screen on the dash works and shows battery life.

I seen a guy do that before and he fried his instrument cluster. Maybe you got lucky. I’d start by checking for codes and all the fuses.

I checked all the fuses and but new ones anyways but ya the cluster turns on. So if it fired it wouldn’t show anything on the screen?

And I can’t check the codes nothing happens when I try to do that

If the screen is working it should show codes. The one I’m talking about fried a resistor. It smelled burnt and when I removed the screen from the cluster I could see the melted resistor. Checking for codes is the best place to start.