For Sale: 20 High Power [1300A] Lithium Ion Cells with BMS


I’m was thinking of selling my pack of Lithium Ion Batteries, 20 cells (with 2 extras) that I used in series with a custom made battery management system. The BMS system is loaded with features including cell balancing, over/under voltage shutdown, over charge/discharge shutdown, among a few and it cost $2.5K. The cells cost $500 each.

I’m trying to judge if anybody is interested and what kind of price I could get.

The cells specs are as below:
Total system capacity = 3.24 kWh
3.6 V nominal voltage
Large round type
270A cts discharge current (6C)
1300A pulse discharge for 10 seconds (29C)
90A cts charge current
270A pulse charge current for 10 seconds (6C)
Resistance(@1Khz) <= 0.2mOhm

Peak power = 72V *1300A = 93.6kW or 125.5 HP.
Only used for about 20 - 30 cycles in light usage
Total cost was $13,500.

Please pm me if your interested and more details can be proved such as cell manufacturer and etc… These cells are very high end and not cheaply produced and designed chinese knock-offs. They have passed the necessary technical inspections.