Grade A New 100Ah Batteries For Sale

NEW 100Ah batteries. I have 25 100Ah New Grade A (All tests up to specs.) I top-balanced all of them and did a capacity check. They all are balanced and a little over 100Ah. Selling for $1875 shipped East of Mississippi. Add $100 for shipping West of Mississippi. CONUS ONLY. Pickup in Central Florida (The Villages) for $1700.

Hi, I am also in the Villages.
I just purchased a set of EVE 304 ah lithium batteries and I am planning to swap them into a 2018 e2. Do you know of anyone who has done this before?

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Not much information to go on.
What capacity cells and how many? Looks like lfp chemistry.
Is the seller advising you on the conversion, charger, bms, etc.?
It’s a long learning curve if you are on your own.


This is my first foray into forums and I am not sure but I think you were commenting on my post about the EVE batteries.

If so…

I have 16 of them. The nominal voltage of each cell is around 3.5. The rated amp hour is 304. According to the You Tuber ‘LithiumSolar’ they are testing between 300 and 305ah (he has purchased dozens of them). I purchased them from the same supplier that he has been using.

The supplier does not offer any assistance. I intend to order a 16s BMS, probably from Victon.

I am in no big hurry to do the swap. I want to be fairly sure of my plan before I take my cart apart.

I am currently running the original AGM 6v (2hr rating 150ah) batteries in a 2018 E2 and I am getting 51miles at full discharge. I only did this once, typically I recharge after every outing, not more than 35 miles. I am very surprised to get that much mileage, we once had a 2010 e2. We could never go more than 23 miles (this with brand new 12v Trojans).

I have noticed that Allied Batteries offers an easy lithium swap. Buy their batteries and their charger (around $7,000) and a half hour later, you have a lithium cart, 160ah or there abouts.

I am wondering if I can use the charger in my cart (seems like the one in the 2010 E2 was programmable). If not, perhaps purchase one from Allied? Not sure what the chemistry of their batteries are.

I have seen many of your posts and it is clear that you possess a tremendous amount of knowledge on these carts and battery technology.

I thank you for any advice you care to offer!


What are your goals with this swap? Are your current batteries getting tired?

It doesn’t sound like you need more range that the 300ah will get you.
Have you figured out how and where you will be packaging these cells?

Now that’s a big battery. >150 mile range. Great if you decide to raise the speed limit.
If lfp they will be 3.2v nominal unless some weird chemistry. 52v nominal.
I would have suggested higher voltage and less capacity/cost. But then, range is never too much.
Original charger and controller is good to 65v. Limiting factor is 60v dc-dc converter.
I have found 60v to be a hard limit.

Hello, thank you for your comments.

I have worked out the packaging. They should fit nicely in the original battery compartment without any modifications. I am planning to use aluminum bus bars 1/8 thick 1” wide because it is cheap and very easy to work with tools I have. I realize Aluminum moves a bit more than copper and that it’s conductivity is only about 65% of copper. I plan to use dielectric grease on all connection points. I will band the batteries (2) groups to prevent swelling but I am not convinced swelling would be much of an issue in this application. I am looking for some kind of dense foam to protect the bottom and sides.

My goal is purely range. We live in a retirement community and I am old! My hot rod days are behind me. We often have visitors who are interested in exploring the area and 35 miles per day is not enough.

As far as higher voltage, I am curious as to what that would get me? I would think greater speed but I believe the speed has been limited electronically on this cart?

Won,t change speed without modifications. But @grantwest reported a small bump in performance running 60 volts.
It’s like always having full charge.

What is your cc distance of terminals? I have lots of nice flex bars if they would reach.
Also have discrete cell balancer for LiFePo4 that are very simple to use.



And 1/2" Firestone ISO-board scraps from my brother’s shop. I use in building my batteries.