{First Post} I want to convert a 89 VW Cabriolet, where to get parts, recommendations


i’ve been interested in doing an EV convertion since I first started driving. Through a love for speed, HP, and plus peer pressure (Electric car? what are you dumb?) I just never really got serious with it.

At the garage where I get my oil changed, theres this sad little cabriolet thats just been sitting there, for about 2 years. I live in the north east, so you can imagine that rust is on my mind, but I know people that are good with rust repairs.

Anywho, the lady that dropped it off NEVER called the garage owner back, and he did alot of work to the car. If she doesn’t call back soon, I may be able to get this car REAL cheap, say $300… Top is good, paint is ‘eh’, interior is shot (don’t care) and tranny is auto (sh!t).

I came accross this:

but thats about it. A bunch of other people’s converted rabbits, not too many cabriolets though.

Now I have a few questions…

If I go EV, and I giving up performance? I drive a 300hp volvo right now, and am adicted to the speed (Both top speed, and accel) The stats say that the top speed is around 65 mph, can I incease that to about 80 without losing TOO much distance? Or even better, is there a way to do like a sport/economy mode switch?

How much will this venture cost me?(not including the car)… I’d like to do this convertion for around $5k, but if its any more I can still swing it, but i’ll have to take longer to build it :slight_smile:

K, guess thats all for now, I really can’t wait to read some replies. Never knew there was an online community into EV convertions, this is awesome!!!