Finding the curb weight

I’m still trying to find a donor car.
Is there an easy place to look on the car, such as under the hood, or in the manual, where is states the curb weight, so I can ask the car owners to look it up?
My experience is that most people don’t have a clue, and I can’t really help them help me because I don’t either!
Has anyone had luck contacting Auto dealerships for this info?
If there was a comprehensive website with curb weights, that would be too good to be true.

It is usually on the Drivers door jam on the same sticker as the recommended tire size and pressure.

The easiest way I found to find curb weight and GVW was through Kelley Blue Book site

Just type in vehicle info like you are trying to find value when you get to value page click on specifications on the left then click on Technical Specs and everthing is listed.
Here is an example (if it works):|29012|49684|0|0|150137|true&SelectedTabIndex=1&Mileage=130000

Its a little confusing let me know if you have questions

You guys are awesome, thanks.

Unfortunately, Kelley Blue book only goes back to like '88.

I’m trying to find the weight on a 1969 Datsun pickup. I have contacted a hand full of people who have converted similar years, and so I have an estimate of about 2150lbs.(+/- 150lbs.)

In any case, I checked my current 96 Toyota Corolla weight on KBB site, and was thoroughly surprised that it weighs in at 2315lbs. And I was worried that the truck would be too heavy for a conversion with decent range. It may turn out it’s lighter than my compact sedan.

Thanks again for the lead…