Extremely new

So Im not an electric engineer (and you’ll know why when i ask the question) and my knowledge of battery wiring extends only to the reach of changing out the batteries in a remote. sad but true.

so alot of people are talking about their battery packs and such, my question is two fold, lets say i have a zilla 2k and i want to atleast be able to produce half of that 1000 to deliver to the motor. and i want a to drive a warp 9 motor so the max voltage is 170 v. saying that im using a 12v lead battery to pack and lets say 120 is all i can seem to fit…in series (obviously to increase voltage) and lets say it gives off 200 amps(im not sure that is a realistic number) how would i increase the amps being delivered to the motor, or does the controller do that?

i might actually answer this question by saying that i might have to shoot for a smaller container (to fit more in like Lithium) series the pack to 120 and try to shoot for another pack of 120 and wire those parallel. did I just answer my question?

To simplify

goal is
with 1000 amps

using 12v lead acid batteries with 200 amps (again not realistic, adjust to a more practical number if it helps me grasp the concept)