Reposting a question

Hi, I’m reposting a question to see what you guys think.

My current pack: 9x8v RC minutes @25Amps = 290 / Minutes @75Amps to 5.25v = 110

I’m on a budget and my controller is only rated for 72v. I know a lot of Xebra owners (I have the same controller) are throwing an extra 12v on there with no problems. I think the controller shuts down at 90v.

I’ve been thinking about how to do the same thing, but I don’t have a way to charge the extra battery unless it’s a 12v. Could I add a 12v to my 8v pack and charge them seperately? What would really happen?

honsetly it sounds like you will need to charge it seperately because it wont discharge/recharge at the same rate…

I would check with the other owners that you know and see how they got around that particular problem. Let us know the responses they tell you. You could try charging and see what happens but you would be risking damaging your charger and they don’t grow on trees if you know what I mean. LOL I think you couls add it to the pack and put in anderson connectors so it could be disconnected easily and the original pack could be reconnecr=ted for the charging and then the 12 volt charger could be connected easily with a anderson connector adapted to the 12 volt charger. Thus disconnect the 12 volt battery one set of anderson connectors, and reconnect the battery pack, a jumper connector 1/2 anderson connector and the other 1/2 of the connector to the 12 volt charger for easy and safe connections. That is my idea on the subject. Bob new dawn.