Serial/Parallel Battery strings

I would like to have 2 strings of 12v x 8 batteries, each battery is 55amp, in order to end up with 96v 110amp. I’ve researched it quite a bit, but I just need a little validation.

If someone could review the attached diagram, and comment, I’d appreciate it tremendously. I’d really hate to make a mistake wiring


those packs are more likely to go out of balance that way.

I’d do 2 batteries in parallel, and then series 8 of those together. That way, each pair of batteries will keep eachother in balance a little better. The problem with 2 strings of 8 in parallel, is that each string could be sitting at the same voltage, but all the batteries could be out of whack, and totally mismatch.

I have 2 strings of 6 (12 batteries total) in my motorcycle. Each string of 6 is in parallel (almost like what you recomend). The issue is, one battery in one string is a little lower, so the other batteries in the string are a little high. The other string, the bats are pretty equal. Same total voltage on each string, but the batteries do not match.

parallel and THEN series seems to be what people have done for this type of situation.

And I hope the batteries are not 55amp… I hope you meant Amp/Hour… 55A out of a battery is nothing. an 18Ah battery can do that.

ok, so the new diagram would be a better method to achieve 96v and 110ah,

Yes I did mean ah, the batteries are optima d34’s

yes, thats how I was talking about. I’m rewiring mine when I reinstall the pack, it was just for test (I’m going 144V). 72V was never permanent.

that should give you a good fairly balanced pack, just keep an eye on them from time to time, LA bats will go out of balance over time.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll wire them up this way


How did your wiring work out?