Experience with Ford Transit EV

I’m having operating issues with my 2011 Transit EV. I’m flummoxed actually. Anyone out there have suggestions? I’d love to get her back on the road.

Being a little more specific might help.

Thanks for paying attention. Here goes.
The last day I drove it we had a hard rain. There were no faults at that time and the traction battery was close to fully charged.
The next day when I went to check on it there was a series of fault indicators that lit up.
1)WRENCH -Powertrain Service “logged a fault requiring service”

2)Stop Safely Hazard -“High voltage component fault/failure that will require vehicle to shut down…”

  1. DC/DC symbol (DMOC?) "The 12 volt battery has low voltage…"
    I tried to jump the 12 volt battery but that made no difference.
    I also noticed the traction battery would not accept a charge. It indicated a fault when I tried to charge the traction battery.

That’s my story. There are no Azure Dynamics shops to take it to or consult with. It looks grim from my angle. Any thoughts out there?

You may have a bit of a problem. Check out your nearest Ford Transwest Truck Center.

You may have an Orphan. Azure went bankrupt in 2012. Sorry.

Please keep us informed…

She’s my orphan now. It’s a sweet little van when she rolls. I’ve got nothing better to do than try to get it back on the street. I’ll keep you posted. I appreciate the advice.

Let us know how much it costs you to get it back in shape…

It is still out of commission and I have never determined the exact cause of this catastrophic failure.

Unless battery packs start falling out of the back of trucks (and sustain no damage) it may never see the road again. SIGH.