Electric Powered AC Cobra

I know that what I am about to ask is sacrilege to V8 lovers but I am building a cobra and have now after opted to go for and electric drive train instead of a thirsty V8.

I know it will not feel or sound like a real cobra but I do want to drive my cobra everyday and not just on weekends.

I have found a V8 performance equivalent, believe it or not, but I was wondering if anyone has done this before on a cobra.

I have found 2 companies who offer the complete package but can anyone shine some light on what package to go for.

Here are the links just google the following names and they will give you websites.


One package is $3000 more expensive, is it worth the extra $$$ or will I be happy with the cheaper package, yes I am looking for performance too?

Thank you in advance.

I think it is worth to that much extra expense.