EV racing in SCCA road race

Here is the youtube video: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXJWNzFR_QQ[/ame]

And here is the website: www.proev.com


now thats awesome, thats the kind of racing i’m into so to see an electric car competeing and kicking ass, thats always a great feeling…

I cant wait to see what kind of new stuff they come up with eventually to help make it even better…

I’d like to find out how to get my car to be a test mule without my needing deeeeep pockets. I’d be willing to pay some, but if I’m the test mule I think there should be a significant incentive.

Did you use his formula to calculate the cost of the lipo pack? I can get cells big enough to power an ebike from a local hobbyshop. A 3s1p 10000mah (11.1v / 10ah) pack is about $200 and it weighs around 2 lbs. It’s good for 15c draw. Two of those should be good for a bike. Not sure how far they would take me yet. I’m waiting on my new book to come in so I can have the formulas.