Possibility of an race EV?

Hello guys, I’m new here.

I have a BMW E30 with an 300hp engine that I’m using as an fun/track car. I would like to convert it to an EV. My goal is to make it as strong as possible, to be a race EV. How possible is that? The most EVs are slow cars, made to save money. For me, money is no problem. I would like to start the project as soon as possible but I don’t know if it is even possible to make an EV that strong without being to heavy. What do you think? I was thinking to build in two electric engines (1 engine = 1 rear wheel - no looses trough the gearbox) with two separate battery packs.

Pictures of the car:

Thanks for the answers and greetings from Croatia!

I’m a new member here(and on’t be able to provide recommendations based on experience) but I think I might be able to contribute a bit here.

Having 2 motors, each powering a seperate wheel could cause problems if they spin at slightly different speeds but there are probably ways to make it work.

The Warp/Netgain motors can be pushed pretty hard from the little I have read online, so they might be a good choice. The White Zombie has 2 Warp 8 engines mated together and provides over 200 hp and over 700 ft/lbs ot torque. I don’t know how well the motors will last with a day’s driving though.

As for battery pack, since you say money isn’t much of a problem, Li-ion batteries might work for you. They are usually lighter then lead Acid batteries of similar capacity. Li-poly batteries might be the best if you can keep them safe becase they can supply a lot of current (they really hate being punctured and severly overcharged).

I don’t know how to calculate range so I don’t know how many batteries you’ll need for the car to last a track day.

I hope that was somewhat helpful. If there is anything really off, correct me, I’m here to learn (so I can start my own projects).

Are there any EV races you know about? If so please post details.