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I am sure many people will find EV DIY articles very useful.



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i replaced my service panel in the shop all is going well except the 15 amp breakers seem not to seat all the down on the pole, my 20amp breakers do seat all the way down. are the 15 amp breakers supposed to not seat all the way?

Yes. Are they the same brand and model as the 20’s?

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i just went and looked and the breakers that came with the panel have a yellow square with a D in the middle (squareD) and the old breakers from the old panel do not so i know what to look for now

So a lot of people have an older home with a small service (60A-120A) which typically means that you have to piggy-back onto an existing circuit, like your dryer or oven. So you buy something like a Dryer Buddy (Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO – BSA Electronics) or something similar to take care of the issue of tripping your breaker. But now your car doesn’t charge if your dryer is on.

Question: Would anyone be interested in a device that regulates the car charging level so that it’s always charging some amount, even if your appliance is on?

So if your dryer current draw is like 15A on a 30A circuit, your car can still charge the remaining 8-10A or so. You could hook up a current clamp to the dryer and talk to EVSE to regulate the power draw.