Building a gem cart garage

I am building a new home that will have a garage for the GEM, should i put a 20amp 110v plug for the GEM or will a 15 amp handle it. Is there anything else that i may need as the cart has not even come in yet.

    1. Whatever it takes.

Being new to this when batteries are low is 15 amps enough for chaeger ?

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it all depends on what charger you have and what you’ll need in the future… The specs for your charger should be available once you find out what charger you have installed.

Gems draw 11a @ 120v

thanks will go 20 better to have to much

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Well… shoot,
If you are pulling power to the garage specifically for an EV, you might as well plan for a nice 220v service for a future purchase. What do they need? 50A?


I whole heartily concur with @AssyRequired


A Level 1 EV charger wants a 20A at 110VAC and a Level 2 is 40A 220VAC so makes sense to throw in 50A 220VAC service. And if you wanted to save some upfront costs, see if the electrician will put in 2 20A breakers on the line and install 2 outlets in the box at the garage( one each circuit ). When it’s time, pull the 2 20A breakers, install a 50A 220VAC breaker in their place and swap the 2 outlets for a single 50A 220VAC service outlet or wire directly to the J1772 charger.

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There’s a rule 80% for constant load. In theory 15A will be ok for 12A constant load but I would suggest you to go with 20A and use a heavy duty extension cord.

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