220v charging by onboard Delta charger

Just purchased a 2008 E2. Have not looked closely at charger but wonder if:

  1. Capable of 220V input, if so is there a switch on charger for it or is the Delta charger multi voltage input 110v-240v?
  2. I have an AV 32 amp charge station in my garage with J1772 cable, has anyone modified the Gem to accept this cable for charging.
  3. I can probably find out from manufacturer specs but doers anyone know if the onboard charger for this year model GEM (2008 E2) capable fo fast charging or requires modification and/or replacement.

FYI, this car has 6 new GEL batteries, I have not tried charging as I’ve had it for only 5 days and have not run it.

Thanks a mil.

If you have new batteries you need to charge them. If you dont use the cart plug it in every 2 weeks.

32 volt is not compatable with GEM system.

Onboard charger does not have fast charge capability.

Gel batteries not compatible for fast charging. DeltaQ algorithm is tailored for Gel batteries you have in your cart…

Best battery life is obtained if you plug it in after each use.

Interested in why you want to change all these items. It aint broke why try to fix it?_

All QuiQ chargers are 100v-240v wide range input.
Change the iec cord to charger, as it is not safe to have a 240v supply cord with standard 120v outlet plug.

on question #2 it is 32 AMP not 32 Volt, it is a J1772 cable directly from a 220V AV Environment charger I use to charge my Nissan LEAF

Some one on the forum linked to a cable.

QuicQ chargers are only 1200 watts, but you can use as many as you want.
It’s the batterys that limit charging rate.

LTO batteries can charge to 80% in 10 minutes if you have deep pockets.
@LithiumGods can hook you up.
He has the only Gem in the world (that I know of) using lithium titanate.

Chevy batteries have 15-20c rating. Charge at 36kw if you have the power.

Peak Power Capability: 250-350 kW in 10 second bursts
C Rating: 15-20
Pack Mass: 197.3 kg (435lbs)
I don’t know much about lead. Ask battery maker.

I think you were asking why I want to charge with 220V. I am sending the cart overseas and do not wish to use a transformer to charge with 110V. While the cart is stateside, I want to check the usability of the J1772 cable as the AV Environment charge it is hooked up to is 220V, which is the only 220V I have in my garage (my clothes dryer gas :smile: Thanks for asking.