Can you upgrade the charger?

Hello fellow Gem owners, I posted about my new Ride 4 Fun motor possibly using up the batteries faster than the original motor. I thought about a different approach. Can you do anything to the charger, or use a different charger, to get the batteries to charge faster? If the batteries would charge faster, I wouldn’t have to consider an expensive battery conversion. It takes the better part of a day to fully recharge. Your thoughts please.

In order to charge faster a high amp charger is required. You can contact me
at for additional information.

I run 2 Chargers at once When I need to fast charge a Delta Q charger is 1500 Watts That’s like 12 Amps Max. So if you can run 2 at a time that’s 24 Amps. Here are some pics and info about my charge set up

Both of these chargers have been re worked by David to charge my car at Higher voltages and Use either a 110 Volt plug. OR a J1772 plug

what charger are you using now ? and which exact batteries are you running ?

Hi, whatever comes factory installed in a 2013, new gel batteries last year.

Thanks for the detailed info. I’m going to study it and decide what direction
to go. Thanks again.

Ok, thank you. I’ll check into that.

The charger in your gem is probably the best charger made. it can be adjusted for different types of batteries including lithium. I would not replace it with any aftermarket

That’s good to know. Thanks for that info.

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