Need to buy a cord to charge do I need a extension cord or a RV cord?

I just bought a 2002 GEM and I need to get a charging cord. I’m not sure what to buy to charge it. I have a regular outlet in my garage to plug it into. Thank You

Regular, 120 vac heavy duty extension cord should work as long as the female connector fits up to the connector on the front of the vehicle. Lowes or Homedepot.

Yeah I tried both stores - It’s need to be 30 amp, the cords at HD and Lowes are not round and won’t fit the plug on the car. Any advise? I can’t charge the car at this point


Chris, you are correct, some of the 30 amp molded cord ends will not go in the recess on the car. Suggest you consider buying a 30 amp cord along with “repair” female plug end that will go in the recess. Cut the OEM connector off the new cord and put the repair end connector that will fit the recess, back on. Some of the repair end connectors are much better than the originals anyway. Another option is to just make up your own cord using high quality end connectors and a piece of cable - just long enough to reach from the wall socket to the GEM.

You can use a lower rated cord to charge you car - keep it as short as possible and check it to make sure it’s not getting warm to the touch. Not recommended for long term use.

Which charger uses a 30a cord? The DQ chargers are only 12a input.
I use a 25’ 14/3 extension cord.

Dave - not sure where Chris got the 30 amp cord requirement. i thought I remembered seeing that recommendation in a GEM Brochure somewhere. Went back to my doc’s and I see no specific current carrying recommendations - other than wire sizes related to lengths. Looks to me like any 14 ga x 25ft cord should be more than adequate.

Maybe a fast charge option?