Electric car melting plugs

I have a 2014 Ford Focus Electric that has burned or melted outlets in my garage. Anybody else have this issue.
FORD CORP told me it was my wiring in my house. I had a licenced electrian tell me wiring was good replaced plug and it did it again. It did the same thing at my office. It worked great for 14 months then this started.

If outlets, cord, and plug rated for correct ampacity, it may be the female end that is not making good connection.

You should use spec grade devices in high current applications. Certainly after the first one melted.

How much current is drawn.

A 20 amp circuit is limited by code to supply <16 amps safely.
15 amp rated outlets are allowed to be used on a 20 amp circuit, if there are more than one outlet on circuit. However, no one outlet (15A) is able to supply more than 12 amps safely.

You can cheat a little with extension cord if it’s short. A 14awg short cord will handle 16 amps in free air.

My DQ charger knows if I use wrong cord and shuts down.