08 main breaker

We were going up hill with 4 people in our car and it threw a code 42 and threw the main breaker.(photo)

Well when you try to reset the breaker it does nothing. The breaker feels soft when you throw it to the ON side??!!

Normally it feels like it gets harder and then it restarts to the ON position. But now it just flops back to the OFF position any ideas

The code it threw was -41 not 42 sorry

41 motor controller overheated electrical fault allow to cool, check for
brake dragging and overweight

Climbing hills with 4 people puts a big load on the cart especially if you have oversize wheels and tires. I believe your breaker is toast…

BTW I still have the 14.76

Where can one obtain a new Main breaker???

I hope it’s as easy as throwing a new breaker in. That would make sense. Cause the breaker just flops from one side to the other no Resetting or resistance

SORRY TO SAY - See your Polaris dealer.

I just called Gem Car parts direct and the main contact is $229

What could have broken the Breaker. I have never heard of a breaker Gone bad? Aren’t they designed to throw or trip to avoid costly damage

Jump it with a fuse and send me the part and I will try to get it matched.

Airpax 100 Amp APL1 1 1 Pole DC Circuit Breaker | eBay

Thanks Rodney. Just placed the order.


This is a WAG but the specs are right. Keep us informed.


What is “WAG”?

Rodney if this thing works out you just save me over $200 I’ll thank you AFTER I get it installed and it’s working :slight_smile:

WAG = Wild ass guess

SWAG = Scientific wild ass guess

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One thing is for sure. Getting the stock fuse out is a P.I.T.A virtually the whole dash and all electronics need to be removed to get to it along with the charger and the heater. “Lame Sause”

Looks like it’s the same unit we will see when it gets here. Fingers crossed.
I hope it’s just the breaker that went. I have a leaky input shaft and I hope I didn’t oil the motor and blow anything more then the circuit. Again fingers crossed. I’m not gonna play Russian Rulette anymore I’m gonna remove the shaft and send it to us Rodney

Get it here ASAP as I have another one coming in.

What if any differences do you see. Stick says 80v and the eBay one says 65
Stick says Delay=SW what’s that’s bottom line do see any reason the eBay one would not work for me

Important spec is the amps. Voltage should be close enough Is yours melted?.