Display blinking once per sec: temp, turtle, wrench & 3 squares around DH, DL, R

Well, just when I thought I got everything fixed, I am stranded at work.

Go out to turn the GEM e4 on to head home and on the display the lights are blinking once per sec: temp, turtle, wrench & 3 squares around DH, DL, RR

The car will not engage when pressing the accelerator, nor does the backup beeper come on when shifting to reverse. Turn signals and headlights all work.

Just replaced the controller less than a two weeks ago from getting it rebuilt, and it ran fine after that.

Any ideas? I have the main breaker shut off right now to try and let it reset.

I’m not a mechanic but every one here says try the parking brake. The switches are notorious for being out of alignment. If that doesn’t work I hope that someone that really knows something will answer . Good luck. Barry, Chico, Ca

Just checked the parking brake switch, well it was out of alignment but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Still the same blinking icons in the display.

I know you already turned off the main switch but I would try cycling the switch on and off several times. I would do the same with the ignition switch. It was working until you shut off. So, maybe it’s the ignition switch. Wiggle it. Everybody is always wanting to replace the ignition switch on the early models.

Thanks Barry,

It is odd to me as I don’t hear the contactor coming on when turning the ignition on. The display comes on (with blinking indicators as above) but no familiar “click” at all.

I jiggled the innition around, no change. Just tried flipping it off and on a bunch, and no change.

Was also talking with the gentleman from ride 4 fun and he said that he feels it could either be the PSDM, or the controller. He said to check for 72v at the controller with the ignition on, and if I am getting that to send the controller back to him for a warranty repair.

Now I am hunting for an online manual for the PSDM to be able to check/troubleshoot if needed.

When this happened to me, it was the 10a thermal fuse in the dash. Since it was a tan cylinder fuse, I couldn’t tell it was blown. Hope this helps!

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I didn’t even realize there was a fuse there. I will check. It is in the steering column itself?

I believe the thermal fuse he is talking about is the right one of the 3 black holders on the pdsm just below the regular fuses. The holder has a slot you turn 1/4 turn clockwise to release.

Gotcha, thank you! Will give it a check.

That’s the one I’m talking about. we blew ours leaving it in a plastic shed for the summer. Was too hot in there and it blew. Took it to the dealership on a flat bed trailer and they had it fixed in no time. I had called before taking it in but they never suggested this little fuse was capable of immobilizing the car. Who’d of thunk!

I have a 2005 e4 doing the same thing. What did you find. Please help thanks.

Unplug and clean your motor magnet connection. I have seen a bad connection there cause the same issue. It is a triangle connection at the motor.

Removed plug and cleaned still blinking

Did you figure it out? I’m having the same issue

Check for a bad battery. We had one in our string that was failing. Once I replaced it, no more error.

Check the speed sensor on the motor - unplug and plug back in tightly. (Triangle connection coming off the motor. A bad connection here will cause “blinky” dash.

Hi. I purchased a 2005 E4 with bad batteries and it was sitting for 6-7 years. I replaced all 6 batteries with brand new batteries that have tested good. I am experiencing the same problem. If I leave the ebrake down and remove the key I get a constant beep till I pull the ebrake up. So I’m confident the ebrake switch is functioning. I unplugged the triangluar plug at the motor and the contacts are clean and the plug is snug.

Any other suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

it will happen when you unplug the controller. pull the 23 pin connector and make sure it is clean. My guess is bad controller.

Any Additional ideas here.
2005 Same exact issue… couldn’t describe any better.

Updates? Fresh ideas ?

As stated before - unplug your 23pin connector, clean it, and plug it back in - make sure it is well seated.
Do the same for the 3pin triangle connector that is coming off your motor.