All 6 blinking once per sec: temp, turtle, wrench & 3 squares around DH, DL, R

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it’s great.

Daily driver, 2008 e2, 7hp, ~8900 total miles, 2 months since original gel Deka31s batterypack was replaced w/ AGM Optima-Bluetop-DM31s.

The car actually continues to operate perfectly normally in all other respects, but I am expecting that sooner or later, this display issue will progress to a “no-go” situation, plus it’s now getting impossible to know how many bars I have or how far I’ve driven because the times of normal display are now very few and far between.

Intermittantly, the blinking of these 6 items stops and then MPH, odometer, and green bars all display nomally again, and with a correctly updating odometer reading

JAT but I wonder if you have a controller issue. You might try turning off the main power cutoff and leaving it off for awhile and then powering it back on again. I believe that will reset the controller if there is some sort of intermittent fault.

Also could be an intermittent problem w/ the wiring between the controller and display. Have you checked that at all?

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