Delta Q Retro charger

Has anybody seen a delta q retro charger that the codes cant be changed ?
A retro charger is one that was installed when Gem changed from zivan to delta and changed to gel batteries code 14.
Physically it looks the same but there is a extra wire with a led on the end which goes to the steering column. Thanks

I’ve got one and can’t change the code. I have flooded batteries and can’t change the code either. It’s on 14 and I need 13. Seems to charge OK though. I tried to change it about 20 times following both procedures but no luck.

Would appreciate any advice.

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Any of you Delta Q wizards in the Middle Florida area willing to program mine for me. I can pull it off and bring it to you. Were in Tavares.

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Took my charger to the Dodge (GEM) dealer in Fruitland. Richard the service manager gave it to his Tech and he came back with it in 5 minutes. He claims he hasn’t run into a unit he couldn’t program. Admitted that techniqe has a lot to do with sucessful program changing.

Note: Richard and his crew are TOP NOTCH and don’t overcharge for their service. Probably one of the most HONEST service providers I have ever dealt with.

I have heard of this problem with some of the Delta Q chargers. Have not seen this first hand though. Whenever I encounter a GEM with a bad Delta Q, I just replace it with a Quick Charge.


Well it’s great that you can do that.

I have to watch my dollars so I go to the wall to use what I have on hand.