Delta Q Charger Profile Issue

I tried to check the current profile on my Delta Q QuiQ on a 2007 Gem G4 with Duracells. I disconnected the positive lead and plugged the charger back into AC and it will just flash the top red light two times then pause then two more times and the yellow light below it stays yellow constantly. What does this mean? The charger has been working fine I just am wondering if I have the correct profile. I did try to connect the positive lead for 3 seconds to “change” the profile and nothing happened.

Check again to be sure charger red is disconnected. Turning the main disconnect off should also disconnect it.
Then try disconnecting the black also.

Also, to change profiles you have to get into programming mode, once there you connect the red for ONE SECOND - THREE TIMES. Not connect the red for three seconds continuously. This one got me for the longest time.