Changing Charge profiles on a Delta Q

Here is how I do it. I’m working with a 2013 but all cars 2004-And up should all work the same.

This process is time sensitive. Meaning you only have a short time to get the program change done or you have to try and start all over again.

Start with the main breaker switch OFF. This is the switch under the dash buy the fuses.

Plug the car in to 110 power. With the main breaker in the off position this will place the car in program mode for 11 seconds.

You need to be looking at the charger. You will see the charger “flash out” the current charge profile in a series of flashes from the Amber (yellow) light on the charger. This lasts for 11 seconds or so. You might get the charger to show you its charge profile 1 or 2 times and that’s it then the charger drops out of program mode. If it does and the light is solid you took to long you need to un plug the 110 power and start over again.

1.So the car has the main breaker switch OFF
2. Your plugged into 110 power
3. The car is in program mode for 11 seconds.
4. Turn the Main breaker ON for Exactly 4 seconds. 1-1000 2-1000 3-1000 4-1000 and throw the switch OFF quickly I mean have your hand on the switch it very time sensitive. This process on for 4 seconds and then off process will move the charger into the next program. Again and it will be in “program mode”’ if you want the next program again quickly throw the switch for 4 seconds and off and move to the next program. And so on.
If you mess up and go past your program you just have to keep moving forward untill your program comes back around. Once you have the program you want turn the breaker to the On position for 30 seconds and then un plug the car from 110 power. The charger will power down and you will here it click off. That tells you your program is saved. You can check that your program is saved by turning off the main switch and plugging the car in and count the flashes. Careful not to re enter the car into program mode and start all over again.

This process can be done the same way on the Early cars. You have to disconnect the main charge wire that comes off the delta q and attaches to the big fuse under the dash. It’s called the Tap method. In stead of using a switch you simply connect and Un- connect that charge wire comming off the delta q


What are all the different program modes used for? Can you be more specific please for us GEM rookies?

Bottom are Gem specific.


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